Heartstart Attends Pang Valley Camp

Gazebo - Pang Valley Camp

We were very fortunate to be asked to attend the Pang Valley Camp this year where 500 Scouts, beavers, cubs, explorers all descended into Pangbourne for a couple of days of fun and education.  We were asked to be part of the Community Section and taught the youngsters CPR and how the AED works.  Needless to say we were quite exhausted at the end of the day but absolutely loved being there.  With 500 people we needed as many helpers as we could get so Sean, a previous Swallowfield Community Responder cam along and helped – Thank you Sean!.

Click here to go to the video of the event where if you are quick you may see Barry and Sean!

Some pictures of the event:

Watch your own Heart Attack

An interesting twist on a Heart Attack.  See through your own eyes what a Heart Attack feels like.

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