What people are saying

“The following are comments received from people who attended our Heartstart Course:

“Excellent course all round. The guys are absolutely amazing, entertaining & informative – Brilliant!!”

“In my opinion, the course that Heartstart Swallowfield produced for us was brilliant! The instructors were nice and gave great advice on what to do in the event of an emergency. The videos that were shown were educational in teaching us step to step. The skills I learnt have now made me feel confident to use them if I need to. This course was well delivered and one of the most useful events I have been to for a long time. Thank You.”
Scout Age 12

“A very well presented course, easy to understand. Thank you very much.”

“A very good and structured course. Easy to understand.”

“Worth while by everyone yound / old, especially those who thought knew what to do will learn new latest best practice like me. Tx.”

“Fantastic! Really Excellent Information”

“Excellent, down to Earth and reassuring”

“Excellent. I feel more confident about these skills”

“Easy to follow and enjoyable. Thank you”

“thanks to your course last week, I was able to diagnose a potential heart attack in one of the people I visit to help care for everyday.  The result was that I called 112 and asked for an ambulance – she is now in hospital and the ambulance people said I had done exactly the right things – so a BIG GOLD STAR to Heart Start”

“Excellent! Well-delivered, practical, just-in-time life skills training waiting to be applied.”

“Enormous thanks for the enthusiasm and skill you have passed on.”

“All excellent – with joviality included! Really enjoyed!”

“Including AED very valuable”

“Thank you! Tea and coffee appreciated.  An excellent community initiative.”

“Need to find a way to pursuade SPC to put an AED in Parish Hall”

“Excellent course, well delivered and made interesting”

“Well presented and made one feel involved”

“Very informative and well organised”

“Excellent training session and trainers were very approachable. Easy to ask questions and be involved in practice exercises.”

“Everyone should do it – confidence builder!”

“Good use of my time. Hope I never need to use it.”

“Thoroughly enjoyable course”

“It was fun – Thanks”

“It was very clear.  Instructors were knowledgeable and encouraging.  Leaves you feeling accomplished.”

“Both Nick and I thought it was really good. We have both said that it was delivered in a very friendly and informative way and we both feel that we would be confident to do what they have taught us to do in an emergency situation.”

“It was really good. Well taught, succinct, entertaining. ”

“Really great. Guys know their stuff”

“Thank you for a brilliant HeartStart course last week – you have given me the confidence to help in an emergency. Fantastic teaching – very clear and hands on. Everyone should go on one!”

“Invaluable experience – Thank you!”

“Excellent, Thank you, will recommend to others.”

“Good use of practical and real life experiences”

Watch your own Heart Attack

An interesting twist on a Heart Attack.  See through your own eyes what a Heart Attack feels like.

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